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Erin Smith from Klein Collins

Erin is a senior at Klein Collins High School. She is a jeans and T shirt kind of favorite! She is beautiful beyond her own realization. She will be attending Texas A & M in the fall. She wants to become a nurse and work in Neonatal Pediatrics. Outside of school she likes to go to sporting events, hang out with friends and baby sit. She is extremely sentimental. When I asked her what things she would want to save if her house was on fire, she responded: her dogs...of course, her family...yes, childhood momentos, old pictures...Yes Girl!!, and an old globe that her grandfather gave sweet. When I asked Erin to tell me who her guy and Girl celebrity crushes were, she gave me 3 Boys instead, well actually 5!!! LOL. They are Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers...all of them!!! Her favorite food is Cheese Its. Why? They are the perfect amount of salty!!!! Her favorite places to shop are Nordstrom, Free People and Alter'd State.

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