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Kennedy Adelman from Klein Oak HS

I have been photographing Kennedy since she was in Kindergarten. I was so thrilled to get to take her senior pictures. Yay! She decided to do her session in Austin TX!! Double Yay!!! Every outfit that she brought was Free People!!!! Am I dreaming??? It was an absolutely beautiful day. We had a plan to do a mix of Hill country and then cityscape which is the thing that I love most about Austin sessions.

I actually live in the wedding venue capital of Texas so that's where we started. We went to this winery that had this amazing old truck used for hauling wine barrels back in the day. He outfit looked amazing with it. Next up was a gorgeous field filled with wild flowers and butterflies that we didn't even have to move our cars to get to. Yep, it was just right there. Then we headed toward downtown, but our next stop was actually a rustic bridge that I found one day when I was out exploring. Again her outfit could not have looked better. Our next stop was the Capital building and we walked and walked!! That's other thing about Austin sessions, you definitely get all your steps in plus some more! The Free People bell bottoms with the red boots and the baker hat!!! Kennedy says, "I brought this hat but I don't know if I 'm going to wear it." Me, "Oh, you're wearing it!!!!!" Our timing could not have been better as we ended up on top of building right at sunset!!! The perfect ending to a great day!!

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