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This is from my first "Block Buster" Model Shoot that I did this year. I decided to have half of my team where snake skin and model with live snakes. Everyone including myself was terrified in the beginning, but literally 5 minutes into the shoot and everyone was relaxed and having a great time. When it was time to put the snakes up, the girls said wait can we take selfies? They proceeded to get their phones out and then that's when the real fun began. I thought why didn't they do that for me??? LOL. The live snakes were for the seniors only since this would be there last shoot. The younger girls actually had to be snakes in a sense. I took them down to the creek and we posed on rocks and in the water. The lighting down there was amazing even though it was only 3 pm. I was more than thrilled with the pictures and how they turned out. This whole series was taken for Senior Style Guide and will be published this summer in the Fashion Issue!!!!!! I am so excited!!!

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