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Spencer Mills from Klein Oak HS

This is Spencer. Spencer is YouTuber, so before she came in for her session, I decided that I would see what she is all about! After watching one video, I decided that I really liked this girl. She is authentic and not afraid to put herself out there. In one of her videos she does something silly and she just titles over it..."please fast forward through this part." LOL. So you know I had to watch it. She has courage and I admire that quality. Very rarely do I show myself. I am always hiding behind my camera. So I appreciate her character even more. After meeting her I learned that she had secret YouTube channel in junior high because her parents told her that she couldn't have one, but eventually closed it because she was bullied by other kids at school. Then made another channel later in high school.

Her session was in Tomball and The Woodlands. Her wardrobe was impeccable. I had no doubt. Her mom is probably the most stylish person that I know. We went to all new locations that I had never photographed at before, so it was a little risky. I usually like to only go to one new location, because what if all of the places didn't work out? But thank goodness, they all worked out perfect and pretty much all of these locations have become my favorite and I have gone back to many times.

Spencer will be moving to Austin next Fall to attend the University of Texas. I can't wait to see where life takes her.

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